What Features are Important in Door Locks?

by Brian Loria

door lock featuresThe typical door lock is meant to keep intruders out. In some places – hospital wards, prisons, lock-in sleepover events – they’re meant to keep people in. Interior and exterior locks should also be treated differently – if you accidentally lock yourself out of your bedroom, it doesn’t really need to be as difficult as your front door. Regardless of the purpose, there are a few key features to keeping a door lock secure. If you’re hoping to up the security of your home by replacing the locks, there are some things you should look for in the potential replacements.

Materials and Reinforcement

There are a number of types of door lock. By far the most common are spring-bolt locks and deadbolts. A spring-bolt lock holds a pin in place using a compressed coil. Releasing the pressure on that coil will unlock the door. Any spring-bolt lock of reasonable quality should come with a metal reinforcement plate. This makes it harder to simply knock the knob off with a hammer or other blunt object – if the knob is broken, the pressure on the pin disappears and the door opens easily. A deadbolt is significantly more secure, as it locks directly into the door frame. It is still susceptible to prying, though this risk can be mitigated by using a vertical bolt design rather than the traditional horizontal bolt.

Entry Method

Depending what you’re trying to secure, you might consider the different options for unlocking. A traditional key system works for most situations, but not all. Remote entry or timed unlocking systems can be excellent for some doors. Garage doors can be manually unlocked and opened, but it’s often easier to use some kind of remote system. You may also think about combination systems for shared spaces – if you and a neighbor both want access to a shed, garage, barn, or other storage area, using a combination may be less of a hassle than copying and exchanging keys.


If you’re looking for a complex and secure locking system, we would be happy to perform the installation for you. We understand that many people would rather have installations done by professionals – there is simply too much to risk having it done wrong. This isn’t true for all customers, however. There are a lot of do-it-yourself types who enjoy the task. If you’re one of them, we can answer any questions you might have about doing the installation. We know locks inside and out. If you’re having any difficulty whatsoever – either setting a combination, keying the lock, or getting it set properly in the door, we can offer you advice.

Whether you’re re-keying your home, changing the combination on a shed door, replacing a padlock, or securing an office, we openly offer our assistance. If you’d like to come in and look at our product line-up, please don’t hesitate to do so. It’s a great time of year to work on your home – take advantage of this opportunity to give you and your family just a bit more security.

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