Locksmith in Renton

by Brian Loria

We have more than a decade of experience. Fifteen years and counting, in fact. Budget Key and Security was founded to provide fast and easy service to the apartment and property management communities. Over time, we’ve expanded into all manners of home and automotive security. We strive to forge long-lasting relationships with our customers. We being by providing unrivaled service. If there is only one locksmith in Renton, it should be us. We have the experience to get any job done and a dedication to customer service that makes us a pillar of the local community. We’re reliable, we’re efficient, and we’re trustworthy. If you have a lock problem or a security concern, think of us first.

Video Surveillance

Considered by some to be an extreme step for home security, video surveillance is becoming more and more popular. No longer the realm of hobbyists, the ubiquity of video cameras, combined with the dramatic reduction in their size, has made it possible for homeowners to protect their homes visibly and psychologically. A video camera may deter potential lawbreakers, and should the worst happen, provide much-needed evidence to hold the offenders responsible. Many commercial operations make wide use of video surveillance systems – now that the price has come down and the overall footprint (storage and monitoring systems, specifically) reduced, it’s much more realistic for a home video surveillance system to be both effective and easy to use. As the unrivaled locksmith in Renton, you might be surprised at our knowledge of video systems. We’re confident we can find a match for your home or office.

Homes, Apartments, and Managed Properties

If you’re a homeowner or an apartment landlord, you know the headache lost or stolen keys can cause. If you need rapid replacement, we’re the locksmith in Renton you can count on. We also provide master key services for apartments and managed properties – commercial or otherwise. The transition between tenants can sometimes be difficult if you don’t have efficient lock services. We promise that we’ll get the job done as quickly as possibly with a minimum of hassle. Further, if you need any home or office security services, we can provide them. Entry sensors will let you know when potential customers arrive at your office, and they can alert you of unauthorized entry into your home. Regardless of your home or commercial security needs, we can recommend, install, and maintain a system that fits.

Automotive Service

Locksmith in RentonAlmost everyone has locked their keys in their car at least once. When the realization sets in, you experience a combination of embarrassment and irritation. We can help alleviate both. We’re used to helping people get into their cars, but we offer a broad range of automotive services. Vehicle alarm systems are on the forefront of protection against break-ins and theft. We can help you choose and install an effective alarm system. Not only that, but we can help you troubleshoot your existing system. For something as valuable as your vehicle, a little bit of added security can’t hurt.

If you have any questions or concerns about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. The security of your vehicle, your home, and your business are all important. We’re offering free security evaluations for properties both residential and commercial. If you’re looking for the unrivaled locksmith in Renton – look no further. Schedule an appointment today.

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