Locksmith in Bellevue

by Brian Loria

Locksmith in Bellevue

As on of the most beautiful regions in the greater Seattle area, Bellevue is home to both affluence and culture. Many of its residents are concerned about their security – depending on the latest in technology to protect their cars, their homes, and their businesses. If you have a locksmithing need, you’ve found the best locksmith in Bellevue. We provide services to home and business properties alike. We also do on-site emergency calls for vehicles. We’re fast, efficient, and we have more than a decade of experience. We strive to build ongoing positive relationships with each and every one of our customers. The first step is our commitment to excellence. The second is our range of services.

Automotive Security

Everyone locks their keys in the car sometimes. We can rescue you from that plight – but we can also do much more. If you need to replace the keys for your vehicle, either because they’ve been lost or stolen, we can re-key your vehicle without much difficult. If you have an issue with a vehicle alarm system, we can repair or replace it. The fact is, many people store valuables in their vehicles. As common as prowling and theft are, having as many lines of defense as possible is certainly advisable. If you’ve lost or damaged a keyless entry device – fear not. We’re experts when it comes to automotive security. Different auto makers use different tricks – but if you have an issue with the locks or security system on your car, we’re confident we can help.

Video Surveillance Systems

Commercial and business security often demands the use of video surveillance. As Budget Key and Security is a locksmith in Bellevue, you may be surprised to find we install and configure video surveillance systems as well. If you need an extra set of eyes, either to keep an eye on merchandise or to document that your kids are getting home on time, we can make suggestions for you. Surveillance systems come in a number of levels of complexity. Getting the right fit for your location will make monitoring easier and less expensive. We can also help you determine if you want a security system that’s visible and deterrent, like cameras in a convenience store, or something more subtle – pinhole cameras for observation only. The combination of our experience and our inventory will undoubtedly help you find the system that’s right for you.

Home and Office Security Systems

We’re also able to install complex security systems for homes and offices. Depending on the need, we can set you up with a live, monitored system through a number of different providers. These generally come with entrance sensors and motion sensing equipment. Should the system be active and a breach detected, the monitoring service will contact the property owner and the police, if necessary. If you don’t need that much control, we can also provide additional securing services, such as audible alarms, additional deadbolts, and other mechanisms designed to keep outsiders out. Likewise, we are experienced in master key systems for property managers, as well as providing lockboxes for contractors.

If you have any questions or concerns about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re offering free security evaluations to homeowners and business owners alike. We’re the best locksmith in Bellevue – schedule an appointment today.

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